Rev. Terry Riley

Rev. Terry Riley
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Big deal for Wicca!

 The Southern Delta Church of Wicca - ATC is picking up their first load of building materials from Home Depot this week. When I first started setting this up with I kinda thought this would good for Wicca in general, not just the SDCW - ATC. Well I was right. It seems to have gotten everyone excited. Because for the first time a National organization has recognized Wicca as equal to the other major Faiths in the U.S.
 This became more evident to me when I got phone call from my Arch Priestess from our Mother Church, the Aquarian Tabernacle Church. She asked my to write up a e-mail that explained how I got the Home Depot deal started. Her local church contacted good360 and found out that since the Mother Church and SDCW - ATC had been pre-appoved, all ATC affiliates were also pre-appoved. She said this is a big deal for Wicca and she wanted other Pagan organizations she knew to be aware of this opportunity.
 For the past nineteen years we at SDCW - ATC have struggled to find our place in our local community beyond our own congregation. Well as a result of this Home Depot partnership our local news paper is running a article about our Community Out Reach Program, and it's going to be in the CHURCH section of the Jonesboro Sun. First time a Wiccan Church has ever been included with the other Churches in our area.
 I feel like we have succeeded to some degree in fulfilling our mission statement: "To support and teach the tenets of the Wiccan Religion, to encourage and foster tolerance and interaction between the many differing Faiths of the world, to provide and disseminate information regarding the Faith to the general public in order to educate, inform and promote Wiccan worship, religious education and religious tolerance."
 To that end we continue our work and ministry.
Blessed Be!

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  1. I am SO happy to hear this!!! And I am SO proud to have been part of its beginnings!!! Terry you worked so hard on this, and many of the people from our church did, too. This is just so wonderful. I'm going to forward this link to Craig Rickert and let's see if we can get you on the local News, too, ok? Love ya!
    <3 Christie