Rev. Terry Riley

Rev. Terry Riley
Keeping the Faith in the Biblebelt

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Modern Wicca Today Evolving and Growing

There seems to be some controversy among Pagans about Wicca/Paganism becoming to organized. The fear, I believe, is that if Wicca and other Nature Based religions get to focused on running Legal Churches and maintaining a non- profit status that the Spiritual aspect of the religions will suffer. I hear the cry, "Nature is my Religion," Which seems a bit ironic, when I see this posted everywhere on social networks from PC's where the "Nature" Pagan is typing, in a artificially heated and air-conditioned environment, who probably drives a vehicle to and from their place of employment that is a organized institution designed to produce, sell or distribute a product or service , all, for the ALL mighty dollar, in order to survive in the community in which they live. Unless you live in a cave you are a part of an organized community
Pagans are suppose to worship Nature, to me, it's one of many parts of what I consider my community. I have a Circle in my yard and I'm out there no matter what the weather communing with my Gods. Does that mean I can't commune with them if I'm in a building? And what about those who are disabled, who have great difficulty in getting into Nature? Most Circles I seen outside in our community, aren't handicap accessible. So, yeah I see a need for Pagan/Wiccan Temples and Buildings. I've always believed that Eclectic Wiccan/Pagan Churches were necessary and provided fellowship and  assistance to those who practiced a more solitary path. It gives them a place to join without having to follow a pre-set Tradition. But the Church is more than just it's congregation. It is a part of the community in which it exists. Therefore it is not just there for the Pagans, it is there a a vital part of the community as well. To do this Pagan Churches have to get involved within their environment. In this way they have the opportunity to inform and educate the people to the sacredness of Nature. You can not do this without involving your fellow human beings.

Now in saying all this brings me to what's happening at SDCW - ATC. The Church has struggled for the last twenty years trying to serve the larger pagan community; but now we are about to receive some of the fruit of our labors. Home Depot in Jonesboro, AR has nominated the SDCW - ATC as their local charity. They will donate $5000 a month in building materials to the Church. The Church then gives back to the community in helping the Elderly and Aging and low income families with home repairs. A labor of love. This is our Community Out Reach Program. C.O.R.P. To get this established and under way the national organization  GOOD360 is the partner with Home Depot.  There is a one time administration fee of $600, once paid Home Depot will continue to donate from now on to the Church! We are in the process of raising this money. We have done well so far with about $200 in donations to the Church; but our window of opportunity is shrinking. I'm requesting all who wish to help with our project please send your donations to your through paypal to or mail checks, money orders to 104 Main St. Lake city, Ar. 72437.

Thank you and Blessed Be!  

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  1. Its all good to worship with each other and re-hash what we know to be true. It is all great to walk our talk when in circle, but what are we doing to help CO-CREATE a better world in the cities we live in? There is no reason I can think of for Pagans NOT to share with others through hands on labor who we are; what we believe, and that our Gods are alive and kicking through us!