Rev. Terry Riley

Rev. Terry Riley
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Home Depot accepts SDCW - ATC as local Charity

O.K. The Home Depot deal had a glitch; but it has been rectified! Had to call in the big dog, Pete Pathfinder Davis!! Home Depot in Jonesboro, AR has accepted the SDCW - ATC as their local Charity. They will donate $5000 a month in building materials to the Church! Now we still need the $600 one time administration fee. So Please send your donations on your paypal account to or mail your checks , money orders, made out SDCW - ATC to 104 Main St. Lake City, AR 72437. This is a big deal folks in our area. For the first time a national organization has recognized Wicca as equal to the other Faiths in our area. Plus it allows us to give back to the community at large through our C.O.R.P Program. This assist the Elderly and Aging on fix incomes with home repair in our community. I've already got a request from the E. ARK. Area Agency on Aging. We've got 8 members ready to go to work. So please help us by sending any amount of donations you can!
Blessed Be!

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  1. Great job, you guys!!

    What is the deadline on the administration fee?