Rev. Terry Riley

Rev. Terry Riley
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Pagan Political Voice?

The future of Paganism/Wicca is evolving. We are entering, and have been for years, a new era. With all the Pagans/Wiccans becoming more public , our faiths are being looked at in a new light. No longer do we or should we, hide in the shadows. We have the right to stand tall and with pride among all peoples. As more and more of the misconceptions are eradicated for the general populaces about who we are and what we do, the Earth Based Religions will eventually attain equality along with the other major Faiths of the world.
Which brings me to another point of interest, The Pagan Political Voice. Now I know a lot of people do not like getting involved in the political arena. I've heard the arguments, like, "Well My vote doesn't count , so I don't vote." etc... But consider this,: At a Christian Coalition Meeting in Memphis, years ago, a Representative from Arkansas said, "If we want to take control of this Country, we have to get our people in at the ground level in local elections. We can do this by understanding that only 10% of the eligible voters actually vote. All we have to do is control 10% of that 10% and we can put whoever we want in office. We have to become a silent guerrilla army. " Now that Scary!!
Also consider this: Elected Government Candidates only care about VOTES. They will only listen too and cater to the ones who can elect them into office. Now if they knew there was a large Pagan/Wiccan vote out there they would probably pay attention to what we have to say.
We are the care takers of the Earth, Our Mother. Shouldn't this include being the VOICE for Mother Earth even in the political arena?
It is illegal for me as Clergy to promote any political platform or candidate; But I can promote our right to vote. It is part of our community, a system, just like the ecological system, which we a part of; not a part from.
In my saying: I'm a wicCAN not a wicCAN'T!!
Blessed Be!


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